Stormont power-sharing talks going down to the wire – BBC News

June 28, 2017

… London. Mr Brokenshire is heading to London on Wednesday for Northern Ireland Questions and the vote on the Queen’s Speech, which sets out the government’s legislative programme for the next two years. ‘High-wire acts’ The negotiations involve the five main Northern Ireland parties and the UK and Irish governments, although a deal is dependent on whether the two biggest parties, the DUP and Sinn Fin, can resolve their differences. These include republican demands for a …


Ian Paterson: Why have private patients not been compensated? – BBC News

June 26, 2017

“What he did – it will never go away. When you go private, you think you’ve got the best.” Ian Paterson: Surgeon was ‘psychopathic like Shipman’ Breast surgeon ‘played God’ with women’s bodies Ian Paterson: ‘He took a pound of flesh for money’ Linda Millband, national lead lawyer for clinical negligence at legal firm Thompsons, is acting for more than 500 of Paterson’s former private patients. She said private …


Teens are still having sex, most use contraception

June 22, 2017

… not statistically significant. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. But Cushman also thinks there may be room to expand the scope of Questions on the annual surveys. “Very often, when we look at reports like this, we get focused on the clinical details around pregnancy prevention and STD prevention. And those are certainly important topics,” she said. “But when we work with actual teens, what they often remind us of …


Trump defiant as pressure grows

June 19, 2017

… for either the President or his aides in the issue of alleged collusion with Russia or over a potential cover-up, the political uproar will be incalculable. At best, it could further complicate Trump’s efforts to pass a meaningful legislative agenda and ultimately his hopes of a successful presidency. At worst, it could force the nation to confront a third debate on whether to remove an elected President in just 45 years. The lessons of history suggest such traumas raise Questions of …


Why we still really need to see Donald Trump’s tax returns

June 17, 2017

(CNN)President Donald Trump released a 98-page financial disclosure form Friday, detailing the broad outlines of his wealth but still leaving a number of unanswered Questions about the specifics of not only Trump’s income but also the details of his vast holdings. Trump raked in $288 million from his golf courses alone; he made at least $37 million from Mar-a-Lago, his Florida resort and a frequent weekend stomping ground for the first family. The big problem with financial …


General election 2017: May to face Tory backbench critics – BBC News

June 13, 2017

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMrs May will be meeting the committee a day after announcing her cabinet. Theresa May will face tough Questions later from her backbenchers after the Conservatives lost their majority at last week’s election. The 1922 committee is also expected to raise concerns about her leadership style, and press for more details on talks with the Democratic Unionists. Mrs May hopes to strike a deal with the DUP to support her minority …


Filippo Minelli uses smoke to spotlight political and social issues

June 9, 2017

… Moscow, some people did not even care about it, but another time security showed up straight away. “In London, it was very welcomed by the people passing by; everyone was asking Questions — ‘what is this about, can we take part in it?’ “But in South Korea they were super scared. They were freaking out, screaming, picking up the phone,” he recalls. “I think they’re not used to unexplainable things happening in public places.” False flags …


Five things to watch: The Comey hearing

June 8, 2017

… meanwhile was scheduled to spend Wednesday afternoon and early evening preparing his Questions for Comey. 5. Other Comey surprises Comey’s recent hearings on the Hill — before he was fired — had offered some very stunning revelations. On March 20, he revealed publicly that the FBI had been investigating the Trump campaign since last July — in a House hearing which prefaced the House investigation almost spiraling out of control. And just a week before he was fired …


Election 2017 poll tracker: How the parties compare – BBC News

June 7, 2017

Who will win the general election and by how much? Check what the latest opinion polls say and follow updates from the BBC’s senior elections and political analyst Peter Barnes. The poll tracker will be updated as the campaign unfolds. Their poll was conducted today, after last night’s Question Time special, where Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced Questions from a live audience. And they found that more people who watched the programme said it made them more likely to vote …


Election 2017: Five key things about the Question Time special – BBC News

June 4, 2017

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSee the tough Questions to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in a special BBC Question Time show Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced a grilling from members of the public in a BBC Question Time election special. Here are five key takeaways. 1. The audience was on fire It might not have been the head-to-head many people wanted – which Mr Corbyn said was a “shame” – but the audience didn’t hold back when it …


Castlemorton Common: The rave that changed the law – BBC News

… opportunity to “leave no trace”. As the festival wound down, police faced angry Questions at a public meeting in Castlemorton village about how they had responded. Image copyright Malvern Hills Trust Image caption An exclusion zone was set up banning convoys from the area Determined not to have history repeat itself, the following year they set up roadblocks across the area, with 300 officers being fed from a special kitchen set up in the village hall. The Malvern Hills …

May 28, 2017

James Clapper: Defending democracy from Trump

(CNN)Last week, when he testified before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee, James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, had the disposition of someone who looked like he had retired for a reason and planned to go straight back. He made his points, answered many Questions and perhaps hoped that would be the end of his contribution on the Trump/Russia story. There should be little doubt that the extraordinary days that followed his original testimony — most notably, almost …

May 16, 2017

NHS cyber-attack: Bosses fear further infections from ransomware – BBC News

… a ‘wake-up call’ Some hospitals were forced to cancel treatments and appointments, and divert ambulances to other sites. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt failed to address the NHS cyber-attack issue when he was approached by BBC reporters on Monday morning. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionJeremy Hunt refused to answer Questions outside his home in London Since the weekend, the NHS said at least seven trusts still required “extra support”, …

May 15, 2017