Netflix has a blunt message for the FCC in the wake of the net neutrality repeal

For those who question whether Netflix is willing to fight to keep net neutrality in place, the streaming giant has made itself clear. It’s willing to go to court to battle the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Less than a month after three members of the FCC repealed net neutrality, which ensures that all internet traffic is treated equally, the Internet Association—a trade association that represents internet companies in public policy—said in a statement that it planned to “act as an intervenor in judicial action against this order.”

Netflix was a little more blunt about its intentions.

Though Netflix has long been a supporter of net neutrality, it has also been accused of stepping back from the fight, especially since it’s become a streaming giant and because it can afford to pay whatever it needs to have the fastest broadband service. In fact, CEO Reed Hastings said at a conference this summer that, “We’re big enough to get the deals we want.”

But Netflix kept up the pressure after the FCC voted along party plans to repeal net neutrality (three Republicans voted to end it; two Democrats voted to keep it).

Though Hastings said this summer that net neutrality wasn’t the company’s “primary battle,” net neutrality advocates can take heart that the fight is still awfully important to Netflix.

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