People Are Hunting For ‘Cheating Ben’ After He Was Overheard Bragging About Being Unfaithful On A Train

Cheating within relationships is a sad fact of life that people, unfortunately, have to accept. It’s all too common for a person to sleep with someone else while they are in a supposedly monogamous relationship, and, in some instances, brag about their behavior.

However, when a man named Ben bragged about this infidelity, the last thing he expected was to become the subject of an online witch hunt. That’s why cheaters should think twice before openly discussing their scandalous indiscretions in public places. Unless, of course, they want anyone within earshot to expose them on Twitter for being the lying cheat that they are. That’s exactly what happened when 23-year-old Emily Shepherd, pictured below, overheard a man named Ben bragging to his friends about being unfaithful to his girlfriend. She immediately put herself in his girlfriend’s shoes and decided to take action. Emily and the shameless philanderer were on a train from Bournemouth to Manchester, England. But Ben could never have guessed that Emily, a perfect stranger, would use her Twitter account to reach out to his unsuspecting girlfriend and tell her to “dump his ass”. The post has currently been retweeted 26,000 times in an attempt to identify the cheater who divulged all the dirty details to his pals on the train. “If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben on the Bournemouth – Manchester train right now, he’s just told his friends he’s cheating on you. Dump his ass x” Emily wrote on Twitter. Emily posted the Tweet early last Friday and, while the cheater has yet to be revealed, there is hope yet as the hunt continues to rage on. “For those asking: Ben is yet to be found, I’ve had several messages but nothing yet,” Emily later tweeted. “I’m now on the Manchester – Bournemouth train and no sign yet… thanks to everyone calling me a grass and a snake, you’re all great.” But little did Emily know that the hunt Cheating Ben was about to intensify when celebrities got involved… The post gained even more attention when verified Twitter user and British TV personality, Deborah Meaden, weighed in on the discussion writing, “Dear cheating Ben… can you please make yourself known before all the non-cheating Bens find out where you live…” But the best thing about the whole debacle was what all the other Twitter users brought to the discussion: a hell of a lot of drama. People up and down the country, many of whom had been cheated on, were intent on exposing this brazen philanderer once and for all. However, Emily didn’t just receive praise for her decision to expose Ben to thousands of people on Twitter. No siree! In the contentious world of social media, people’s opinions vary greatly, and this instance was no exception. “Maybe Ben is just full of bravado in front of his mates, and you are all seeking to ruin a happy relationship,” Jay Swin tweeted. “Whatever happened to privacy and secrecy or just minding your own business?” Other Twitter users had a bone to pick with Emily for being a snitch as though it were an issue to be confined to the playground in a Kindergarten. “No one likes a grass, Emily. Grow up,” Simon Swinton wrote. Twitter user Jess, however, completely disagreed with the naysayers and their double standards and made no bones about it. “Why because she exposed a dude for not treating a girl right?” Jess wrote. “If the shoe was on the other foot, you boys would be speaking nothing but hell about this girl, saying she being disrespectful and all that. Stop praising and promoting cheating.” Other Twitter users then began to ask for more information about Ben so that they could try and identify him for themselves! Some people were intrigued to learn more about this mysterious “Ben” and requested a description of his physical appearance. What’s more, Twitter users who had the misfortune of being called Ben were pretty much forced into professing their innocence. “Well and truly in bed with my girlfriend… fighting over who’s turn it is on Candy Crush,” Ben Haines wrote. While Cheating Ben is yet to be found, news spreads incredibly fast these days. Thanks to modern technology, there are no limits to what thousands of bitterly scorned social media users can do to ensure someone is made aware that their partner is a lying cheat. And when Ben’s girlfriend finally does learn the news, who knows how she’ll react. If she’s anything like the guy featured in the video below, maybe she’ll write him a sassy letter to knock him down a peg or two! We hope that Cheating Ben is brought to justice in the very near future.

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