This Netflix ‘Year in Review’ stat is honestly un-bee-lievable

Imagine seeing this almost once a day for an entire year.
Image: Dreamworks / Kobal

You won’t beelieve how much some people love Bee Movie.

One person is such a fan that, according to Netflix, they saw it 357 times in a single year. 

That standout statistic comes from Netflix’s annual “Year in Review” report (via Business Insider), which looks at viewership data compiled between November 1, 2016 and November 1, 2017.

The streaming service doesn’t say whether this UK-based subscriber spread out their Bee Movie love, viewing it about once per day, or just binged it for three and a half weeks straight. 

Nor do we know how or why this person saw Bee Movie so many times. Are they a parent whose kid is hopelessly hooked on this movie? A bar that’s carved out a niche as the go-to hangout spot for Bee Movie fanatics? A bee looking for pointers on how to avenge his kind?

Whatever the case, that’s some serious commitment. 

However, if you love Bee Movie and setting bizarre records but hate effort, there’s are easier ways to accomplish basically the same thing. 

This video right here is Bee Movie sped up just a little bit each time someone says “bee.” It comes out to about seven minutes a viewing. 

Still too much time? This video claims to be the entire Bee Movie in just one second – meaning you can watch it 357 times in just six minutes.

Take that, anonymous U.K. subscriber who’s seen Bee Movie way too many times.

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